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UPDATED - New date for Budget Vote & Elections – June 16, 2020

As per Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order, the Budget Vote & School Board Elections are scheduled for June 16, 2020 and the vote will be held exclusively by absentee ballot.  There will be no voting at polls.  Ballots will be mailed to each residence with a prepaid return envelope.  Should you require additional ballots for an eligible voter in your household, please email the District Clerk at or call 631-791-4421.  Make sure you specify your name and address.  Ballots must be returned to the District Clerk no later than 5:00 PM on June 16, 2020.

Superintendents Budget Update 6-5-20
Budget Hearing Video 6-2-20
Finance Committee Video 5-20-20
Budget Hearing Presentation 6-2-20 English
Budget Hearing Presentation 6-2-20 Spanish

Budget Newsletter
Budget Statement

Budget Presentation Video
Budget Presentation 4-21-20 English
Budget Presentation 4-21-20 Spanish

Budget Presentation 2-10-20 English
Budget Presentation 2-10-20 Spanish

Budget Presentation 1-28-20 English
Budget Presentation 1-28-20 Spanish 

Property Tax Report Cart 2020-21 English
Property Tax Report Cart 2020-21 Spanish


Tax Estimate Calculator 

Tax Estimate Calculator 2020-21 (Excel Format)
Directions for Use of Tax Estimate Calculator

Restricted Reserve Plan

Reserve Plan October 2019

Audit Reports & Financial Statements

Management Letter 2019
Financial Statements and Supplementary Information 2019
Extraclassroom Activity Funds Report 2019

Annual Risk Assessment Update 2018
Financial Statements and Supplementary Information 2018
Extraclassroom Activity Funds Report 2018

Management Letter 2017
Financial Statements and Supplementary Information 2017
Extraclassroom Activity Funds Report 2017
Governance Letter 2017
External Corrective Actions 2017

Annual Risk Assessment Update March 2017
2016 Financial Statement and Audit Report
2016 Extraclassroom Activity Fund Report

Moody's Reports

Moody's Credit Report 2020
Moody's Credit Report 2019
Moody's Credit Report 2018
Moody's Credit Report 2017
Moody's Credit Report 2016

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Bond Survey Results
Employee Blood Donation Leave Memo

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