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Guiding Ideas


1. A culture of respect, trust, professionalism and high expectations for students, employees and parents is essential to be an optimal learning organization.
2. High expectations promote high achievement and every student is capable of completing high school and experiencing post graduate success in college, careers or equipped to transition directly into the workforce.
3. Every student is capable of learning and achieving individual success and should be provided with significant opportunities to build on their strengths and interests and explore growth options and potential careers. 
4. We achieve greater success with students when the adults; share a vision, invest in its attainment, align our work, have input into decisions that affect them and work collaboratively with colleagues, families, other districts, colleges, and businesses. 
5. A successful district has strong leadership from all constituent groups.
6. Students and staff must have an appreciation of our district and community’s rich history and understand their importance as a piece of the lasting legacy of Port Jefferson.


7. Positive adult-adult, adult-student and student–student relationships foster student success in school.
8. Thoughts, ideas, and disagreements should be expressed in a respectful manner in order to solve problems.
9. Students’ learning increases when they see the purpose and relevance of school.
10. Adult learning is ongoing in successful districts.
11. Barriers to assisting students are removed in successful districts.
12. Passionate and caring adults can have a positive influence on every student’s emotional, social, academic and physical development. 
13. Students learn best and employees are most productive in an environment that is safe and secure physically and emotionally.
14. All students must be proficient in using technology as tools for learning and increasing productivity.
15. Successful schools provide well-rounded curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular programs and every student has the right to equal educational opportunities.


16. Our budgets must be fiscally responsible using available resources and developed through a transparent process that is sensitive to the needs of internal and external expectations.
17. Our financial transactions and processes must be monitored via an effective system of internal and external controls.
18. Our Facilities Department exists to provide a safe, secure, healthy and enriching environment for students, staff and the community, while enhancing the appearance of our buildings and grounds in the most cost effective, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and productive means of operation.
19. All students must travel to and from school safely everyday.
20. Students are healthier and learn better when they make nutritious food choices.


21. Adults display and model ethical behaviors at all times and treat all people with respect.
22. We recruit a highly qualified and diverse workforce and retain and develop that high quality through effective supervision and professional development.
23. All employees must have an understanding of and sensitivity towards the needs of the families and community we serve to be successful.
24. A district that is respectful and welcoming of the diverse members of the community and that integrates everyone into the school culture will achieve greater success with students. 
25. Our students’ parents, families and community are invaluable sources of support and assistance whose partnership and participation should be welcomed, encouraged and cultivated.
26. Ongoing communication between teachers and families develops positive relationships and increases student performance.
27. An effective district supports the needs of parents and families by cultivating partnerships with community businesses and agencies.
28. An effective district promotes safe and nurturing environments for students before, during, and after school.
29. A successful district promotes and celebrates its accomplishments.



Exceptional Student Achievement

1. Student Achievement Goal: Provide instruction that will maximize student achievement through data informed instruction and best practices designed to meet the varied needs of all learners and maintain our standing as a top-performing school district.

Student Achievement Objectives: In order to move closer to our Student Achievement goal, we will be pursuing the following Objectives during the 2019-20 school year:

Objective 1A: Complete a quantitative analysis that includes data collected through multiple measures.
Objective 1B: Continue to prepare for the implementation of New York State Next Generation Standards and Every Student Succeeds Act initiatives.
Objective 1C: Continue to develop more consistent criteria for assessing student performance to determine secondary report card and final grades.
Objective 1D: Continue to research and implement new strategies to challenge all of our students to reach their full potential.
Objective 1E: Continue to research and examine potential program and budget District, as necessitated by the LIPA property tax assessment reduction glide path, with the goals of maintaining Exceptional Student Achievement and Prudent Fiscal Management.

Prudent Fiscal Management

2. Fiscal Management Goal: Develop short and long-term financial plans for the district that meet the needs of our students, staff, and community while maintaining spending within the allowable tax cap or other targets set by the Board of Education.

Fiscal Management Objectives: In order to move closer to our Fiscal Management goal, we will be pursuing the following Objectives during the 2019-20 school year:

Objective 2A: Continue to research and examine potential program and budget modifications to determine their impact on the instructional and financial future of our District, as necessitated by the LIPA property tax assessment reduction glide path, with the goals of maintaining Exceptional Student Achievement and Prudent Fiscal Management.
Objective 2B: Prepare and pass a proposed budget for the 2020-21 school year that is sensitive to the needs of students, staff, and taxpayers in our school-community.
Objective 2C: Continue to anticipate and address facility needs.
Objective 2D: Implement and monitor the new lunch program plan for quality, variety, and nutritional value.

Effective Leadership Development and Continuity

3. Leadership Goal: Develop leadership capacity that will result in effective leadership throughout the ranks and successful succession planning and continuity.

Leadership Objectives: In order to move closer to our Leadership Development and Continuity goal, we will be pursuing the following Objectives during the 2019-20 school year:

Objective 3A: Develop informal leadership capacity and interest in formal leadership positions among teachers. Objective 3B: Continue to develop leadership capacity among administrators to increase effectiveness that could potentially result in succession planning and continuity in our leadership ranks.

Healthy, Safe, & Secure Students and Staff

4. Promoting Healthy, Safe & Secure Students and Staff Goal: Promote physical, mental, and social-emotional health through positive habits and provide self-correcting strategies when positive health may be compromised, all within a physically and emotionally safe and secure school environment.

Promoting Healthy Students Objectives: In order to move closer to our Promoting Healthy, Safe, and Secure Students and Staff goal, we will be pursuing the following objectives during the 2019-20 school year.

Objective 4A: Implement our Board Policy on Wellness.
Objective 4B: Continue to develop the Promoting Wellness initiative throughout Pre-k – 12 which includes mindfulness, movement and breathing.
Objective 4C: Implement security strategies to prevent internal and external threats.
Objective 4D: Develop strategies for creating an emotionally healthy environment and addressing students’ anxiety, stress and depression.



The mission of the Port Jefferson Union Free School District is to
provide a personalized, rigorous education that develops
life long learners
through the acquisition of effective
thinking and communication skills
an appreciation of the arts
the proficient use of technology and
a healthy life style
in an educational community that promotes
integrity and mutual respect.



Wednesday, October 28, 2020