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Port Jefferson Middle School

Principal's Corner

As a result of the awesome students and dedicated staff, the Port Jefferson Middle School is off to a great start. Though time is flying by, we have had many notable accomplishments thus far.  

During the Paint Port Pink Campaign, our tiny community was lit up in the color pink during the month of October. Amazingly, we surpassed our goal of raising $1000.00 for this endeavor by collecting a grand total of $1110.00 which was accomplished through the sale of pink shoelaces, pink Frisbees, pink ribbons and numerous bake sales.

Also during October, students and teachers read the short story “Zebra” by Chaim Poyok. The story chronicles a period in the life of a talented young runner nicknamed Zebra. After a tragic accident which severely limits his physical abilities, Zebra meets a Vietnam Veteran with a passion for art. The relationship that develops between the two is instrumental in helping Zebra heal both his body and his mind. There were such great activities and discussions in classrooms about overcoming adversity and the healing process. I think we were all grateful to Mrs. Consalvo for the banner that she created which adorned our stairwell.


7th grader Nicole Schully had a great idea one day, thinking that hosting a bake sale would be a great way to help raise money for the American Childhood Cancer Organization. After she presented the notion to Mrs. Filippi, she gathered up a group of her peers (Charlotte Ambrozy, Sarah Moshe, Abigail Muffly, Meghan Penske, Jacqueline Poten) to help assist her in the process. Working in a collaborative fashion, they planned away! On October 13, 2015 these students, under the guidance of Mrs. Filippi, brought in delicious batches of homemade cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and treats that they had made. They then established an area within the school to sell their creations at the end of the day. As a result of this student-generated vision and the hard work of some committed students, the American Childhood Cancer Organization received a donation of $225.00.

The Student Council, under the direction of Mrs. Giannusa, held a “scary good” Halloween Dance in October. So many students dressed up in their costumes to hear the latest hits played by our good friend Officer Lynaugh. Students boogied the night away, enjoyed taking pictures in the photo booth that was on hand, and got their faces painted by their classmates.


Finally, our 6th graders embarked on a journey of a lifetime as thy traveled to Frost Valley at the end of October. Working collaboratively during the day, teams of students spent time hiking the terrain, took classes in orienteering, and spent time on the low ropes course. At night, students were able to attend sessions with “The Bird Man” and “The Reptile Man” which allowed them to get up close and personal with so many unique creatures. On the last night of our stay, our students competed in whacky competitions with one another with the “stinkiest shoe completion” being a crowd favorite. A highlight for me was witnessing the interactions that took place between Middle School Students and the handful of Seniors who joined us at Frost Valley. I know I will never forget this special trip!


I must say that I am in awe of the manner in which Port Jefferson Middle School students carry themselves on a daily basis. Your commitment to your community, combined with the compassionate nature make me proud to be your Principal. I understand that a great deal of credit belongs to your families and your teachers who continue to guide you on your journey.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018