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Spear’s Science Sleuths

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The Scientific Method was at work at the Edna Louise Spear Elementary School Science Fair with a vast display of well-thought-out and creative experiments conducted by students that included demonstrations, charts and diagrams on topics such as magnets, melting ice, colors, flavors, sounds and numerous other original cause-and-effect relationships. Great job to all the participants and congratulations to the grade level winners:

Kindergarten: Carter Maleson
Project Title: Ice Cream Soup

First Grade: Lina Awadallah
Project Title: Wind Turbine

Second Grade: Joshua Levine
Project Title: Meteorites

Third Grade: Nina Gnatenko
Project Title: Shiny Penny

Fourth Grade: Nick Rodriguez
Project Title: Who is braver men or women?

Fifth Grade: Sadie Salzman
Project Title: Mighty Mollusks
Tuesday, September 17, 2019