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An Act of Kindness Spreads to Village

An Act of Kindness Spreads to Village photo thumbnail117460
As part of a class project, students in Dana St. Pierre’s fourth-grade class thought about some random acts of kindness that they could do and came up with various ideas including washing dishes for a mother who works late, checking on an elderly neighbor, saying something encouraging to a schoolmate or just giving a smile to help someone feel better. Student Hudson Philbrick decided to write a letter to the members of the Port Jefferson Fire Department and hand deliver it. He thanked the firefighters for their commitment to the local community and their dedication and service to the residents of Port Jefferson. He, in turn, was met with an act of kindness when he received a certificate from the fire department for his kind words.

“People should always be ready to commit a random act of kindness,” Hudson said. “It’s something you will always feel good about.”
Tuesday, September 17, 2019