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Messages of Tolerance and Acceptance

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As an enhancement to the eighth-grade social studies curriculum, students at Port Jefferson Middle School learned important lessons on tolerance and injustice from Werner Reich who described his personal experiences as a young boy growing up and surviving the Holocaust.

Organized by teacher Kayleen Everitt and welcomed and introduced by students Kenneth Dixon-Lanza and Nicolina Gionnala, Mr. Reich shared a personal story of hardship and fortitude peppered with wisdom and inspirational messages that he hoped would resonate with today’s generation.
Before he took to the podium, student Peyton Broyles gave an overview of a poetry assignment that the class worked on and students Sophie Blumenthal, Regan Byrne and Ruby Ray read their own words of inspiration.

The dynamic presentation continued when students viewed a comprehensive slideshow that featured photos, political cartoons and newspaper articles written during World War ll.

“It is of utmost importance that we educate and inform each other so that history doesn’t repeat itself and so that nothing similar can ever happen in the future,” said Kenneth in his welcoming remarks.
Tuesday, September 17, 2019