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Students Learn to Put Visions Into Actions With Former NFL Player

Students Learn to Put Visions Into Actions With Former NFL Player photo thumbnail165572
Earl L. Vandermeulen High School students had a stimulating learning experience when they welcomed Long Island University professor and motivational speaker Mr. Perry Williams to talk about his life experiences and career path. A retired NFL player who was with the New York Giants for more than a decade, Mr. Williams holds NCAA records for track and field from North Carolina State University and is now the director of the sports management program at LIU. Mr. Williams shared encouraging stories about teambuilding, leadership and mentoring with teacher Ms. Linda Moran’s sports marketing and accounting classes. Aside from his trajectory from high school student to college athlete to professional football player with two Super Bowl championships, he highlighted how he has used his real-world experiences to enhance his work as a college professor. “He spoke to the students about creating opportunities for themselves and the three Ds: don’t quit, don’t get outworked and don’t be intimidated,” Ms. Moran said. “The students really enjoyed listening to his stories and how he came to be a professor at LIU.”
Sunday, September 20, 2020