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New Club Offers Mentoring Opportunities for HS Science Scholars

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Thanks to the six ELVHS students – Hana Ali, Sinan Ates, Kyle Onghai, Royce Perrera, Logan Schaffer and Peggy Yin – who volunteered their time to help mentor students in the new elementary-level science club. The students and science teachers Ms. Amanda Brideson and Mrs. Melissa Garcia ventured to the elementary school to help the younger students in engaging scientific investigations. The academically focused relationships between the high school students – who are in AP classes and on the Science Olympiad team – are a new endeavor for Port Jefferson’s young practicing scientists. Headed by fifth grade teachers Mrs. Megan Roth-Ueno and Mrs. Kari Costanzo, the club members are generating ideas for their April 1 science fair projects as they embark on developing them, both at home and in the club. According to Ms. Brideson, it was wonderful to see the studious skills of the high school students in action and in a different setting with the younger students.
Friday, September 25, 2020