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Homework Club Promotes Independence and Self-Motivation

Homework Club Promotes Independence and Self-Motivation photo thumbnail161160
Students are learning to be independent, capable and motivated as members of the Homework Club at the elementary school. The neutral space in the school’s library provides students in grades 3-5 a quiet place to complete their homework assignments as independently as possible and share in the camaraderie of their peers. According to fifth grade teacher Mrs. Kari Costanzo, who oversees the club, many of the 25-30 students who regularly attend the two-day-per-week, after-school club are so self-motivated that they are able to work diligently on their homework. As she noticed them completing their assignments efficiently and in a timely manner, Mrs. Costanzo introduced flash cards to the students to further develop their math skills when they finish their required assignments. “They love it,” she said of the Homework Club, another way that students are practicing what they are learning in the classroom, retaining information and fortifying a new skill in their minds.
Saturday, August 08, 2020