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Investigating Long Island’s Watershed

Investigating Long Island’s Watershed  thumbnail161104
Sixth grade students had a hands-on opportunity to learn about Long Island’s watershed with Ms. Tracy Marcus, a marine youth education specialist from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County. Along with science teacher Mrs. Janelle Bellotti and special education teacher Mrs. Christina Carlson, students learned about stormwater pollution and what they can do to help prevent pollutants from entering local harbors and tidal creeks. Funded by Port Jefferson Village as part of the storm water management program, the interactive presentation allowed students to participate and ask questions about the local community and gave them a greater understanding of how lawn pesticides, fertilizers and household items including paints and solvents can affect the environment if they are not disposed of properly. They also learned to be responsible pet owners by using effective disposal methods and were encouraged to suggest to their families and neighbors to use a commercial car wash that uses recycled water, or wash a car on the lawn instead of a paved driveway.

The students then discovered ways to help prevent pollution from entering the local watershed by building a small model of a storm drain to demonstrate where water goes during a rainstorm, creating pollution using water and food coloring. They then executed how the water enters the drain and discussed the impact of it along with ways to prevent it.
Saturday, August 08, 2020