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Port Jefferson Middle School

Our Mission and Goals

Middle School Mission Statement

TO GUIDE students through the educational and social challenges of the early adolescent years while encouraging responsibility to one's self, family, and community.

TO CREATE a learning environment for students that stimulates individual interests, talents and potential.

TO EDUCATE students to utilize our educational resources to prepare them for the rigors of their future.

Educational Goals

The thrust of our instructional goals is to introduce students to the process of learning and help them acquire the skills which will make that process a successful one.  The process nurtures students through the developmental stages of learning by providing an environment that will provide a positive attitude toward learning.  We hope to prepare students so that each may realize individual potential and assume social responsibility as a student and as a member of a democratic society.

  • To examine personal values and promote a healthy self-concept
  • To develop an understanding of human nature
  • To read and listen effectively and efficiently
  • To promote effective oral and written communication
  • To develop critical thinking skills
  • To use speaking, writing and thinking to examine the values of the individual within a democratic society
  • To incorporate the knowledge of modern technology and its function in society
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of our culture
  • To provide students with life skills which will enable them to be successful, productive individuals and members of a democratic society
  • To develop an appreciation and understanding of our physical environment