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Special Education Program

Phone: (631) 791-4241
Fax: 631.476.4428

Jodi Cahill, Ed.D., Director of Special Education


The purpose of Special Education is to address the unique needs of students with disabilities while also providing equal access to opportunities for further education, employment and independent living.   The Office of Special Education provides the children of the Port Jefferson School District, who are identified as students with a disability by the Committee on Special Education, with services to meet their varied needs within a Free and Appropriate Public Education.   Our goal is to provide a meaningful and rewarding education for all students that is focused on student achievement and acquisition of the skills needed for post-secondary success.  While the Committee on Special Education (CSE) makes a recommendation to the Board of Education based on a multi-disciplinary evaluation, it does so with the involvement of the parent(s) and student, whenever possible.  A strong home-school connection is important for students of all ability levels.