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Port Jefferson Middle School

Commonly Asked Questions

How many classes are there in a day?

All students have eight classes per day plus a lunch period.

How much time is there between classes?

Students have three minutes to get from one class to their next one. Most of the students have no difficulty getting to their classes on time.

What happens if a student is late to class?

There will be a grace period for the first week of classes.  After this period, teachers will start recording student lateness and take appropriate action to ensure punctuality.

What happens if a student gets lost?

There will be teachers, student leaders, and monitors in the halls during passing time.  A student may ask them for assistance.  Most students will learn their way around the building in a few days.

What does a student do if he/she is late for school?

If a student is late to school, he/she should report to the front door security desk with a note stating the reason for lateness before going to class.

What does a student do if he/she is absent from school?

If a student is absent, a parent should call the attendance office or the middle school main office.  Upon returning to school, a student should hand in an absence note to the main office.

If a student is absent, how long does he/she have to make-up missing work?

Generally, missing work is due one to two school days after the student returns to school.  If a student is absent for an extended period of time (three days or more) parents should request assignments through the main office.

How many teachers will a student have?

Each student will have approximately 9 different teachers over the course of the year.

Are the teachers nice?

The teachers are nice; however, each teacher has his/her own personality that students will get to know as the year progresses.

Are the classes easy or hard?

The classes are appropriate for the grade level; however, some classes are more difficult than others, depending on the topic being taught in the specific subject area.

Do students have lockers?

Students will be assigned a third floor hall locker as well as a gym locker.  Lockers with their combinations can be found on their schedules which will be mailed home at the end of the summer prior to the 6th grade barbeque.   Students should only use the locker assigned to them.

Does a student have a lot of homework?

Students should expect to receive some homework every night.  The amount of homework in each class will depend on the class and on the unit being studied.

What are students required to wear in physical education?

Students are required to bring a change of clothes for physical education that includes a tee shirt, shorts or sweat pants, and sneakers that are to be kept in their gym locker.

Do students have any type of dress code?

Students are not permitted to wear hats in school.  Clothing or accessories with inappropriate language or designs are not permitted.  This would include tobacco, drugs, alcoholic beverage advertisements, products, symbols, etc.

Where does a student keep his/her band instrument?

Students may store their instruments in the storage areas in or outside the band room.

Do older students haze younger students?

This has not been a problem.  Hazing is not tolerated and the consequences for such acts will result in appropriate action being taken.  If another student bothers a student he/she should let a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal know immediately.

Are the rules strict?

The rules are fair and quite similar to the rules students have been abiding by for the past years.  These rules are described in a student handbook which contains a Board-approved, district-wide code of conduct, which will be distributed to students at the start of the school year.  Parents are asked to review this document with their child.

Are the lunches good?

Lunches are similar to those served in the elementary school; however, there are more choices and a la carte is available.  Hot and cold food is served daily.

When can a student go to the nurse?

If it is an emergency a student should go directly to the nurse or to the closest adult.  Otherwise, a student will need a pass from his/her teacher to visit the nurse.

When is a student’s guidance counselor available?

Students may visit their counselor during lunch period on a walk-in basis; otherwise, when possible, a student will have to make an appointment through the main office secretary or counselor.

Are the student’s permitted to carry backpacks?

Students are not permitted to carry backpacks.

Are cell phones permitted in school during school hours?

Students are permitted to have cell phones in school; however, they must remain in the students’ lockers.  Calls can be made from the office.

Do students have recess time?

Students have approximately 15-20 minutes per day for recess.