Student ‘Guest Artist’ shares creative problem-solving skills

Student ‘Guest Artist’ shares creative problem-solving skills thumbnail94728
Students in Stacey Schuman’s sixth-grade art class welcomed a special guest visitor during their study of Native American architectural landscape design.

Connor Liolo, a seventh-grader at the school, visited his younger schoolmates to assist with the student’s creation of a two-dimensional Adobe Pueblo bottle design. Creating his own lesson plan, Connor demonstrated how he found a way to use rope and hot glue to attach a makeshift bottle closure that could swing open and still remain attached to the container. When he first "invented" this procedure last year, Shuman thought it was quite clever and a great way to problem-solve.

“Having a student who was eager to share his artistic and ingenuous creation was a powerful way to engage with his younger peers,” Schuman said. “I am grateful for Connor’s enthusiasm in contributing to the lesson.”

The students also learned about the sculpted horizons of America’s Four Corners – Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado – and color mixing theory during the lesson.