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All the Best to our Retirees

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The Port Jefferson School District Board of Education recently honored several retiring employees of the school district. High school Principal Christine Austen spoke highly of science teacher Rod Cawley for his 35 years of distinguished service to the school, citing his skills in educating more than 5,000 students and his influence on many of them who have pursued careers in science and engineering. She also commended him for his coaching expertise in boys track and boys cross-country. Dr. Michael Caravello, the district director of music and fine arts spoke admirably of elementary art teacher of Richard Anderson for his 34 years of teaching the students of Port Jefferson and his leadership and mentorship to other art educators. Elementary school Principal Thomas Meehan commended teaching assistant Katherine Siani – who started in the district in 1981 – for being a valued part of the school. Deputy Superintendent of Schools Sean Leister applauded Joan Lyons for her 33 years of service as head custodian. Also recognized was Michael Stiles for his 14 years of service and commitment to the district’s security staff. In his remarks to the retirees, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Casciano said that the end of a school year is often a time of reflection of all that was accomplished, and it is also a bittersweet time to say goodbye to those who have contributed to the success of the school district. The Port Jefferson school community applauds these retirees for their dedication and years of service and wishes them well in their new endeavors.
Tuesday, December 10, 2019