Connecting Classroom Lessons to the Financial World

Connecting Classroom Lessons to the Financial World photo thumbnail139404
Students in the high school’s College Accounting and Career and Financial Management courses focus on concepts and principles of the business world while in the classroom. They had a recent opportunity to bring these lessons to life and engage in learning in a new context when they took a trip to New York City to participate in a Wall Street tour. Along with business teacher Ms. Linda Moran, they started at Federal Hall – where George Washington was inaugurated – before visiting the New York Stock Exchange, Trinity Church and the 9/11 memorial. The highlights included learning about the history of Wall Street, how trading began and the changes that the financial industry has endured with the growing mobile technological advancements.

“Our group was fortunate to have a valuable tour guide who has many years of experience working on Wall Street,” Ms. Moran said. “She explained to the students how she has adapted to today’s technologies and discussed with them all of the advantages that young people have in the industry today.”