A Powerful Port Jeff Powder Puff Game!

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The Varsity Club hosted the high school’s first Powder Puff game! The flag football game between the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021, with some help from the varsity football player coaches, was close in score. After going into overtime, the junior class took home the coveted trophy after a 25-yard field goal was kicked by junior Reese Koban, who was named the MVP of the game. The event was initiated by Varsity Club members last year and more than 40 students signed up to play, volunteer as student coaches and cheer the players on! “This was the event’s inaugural year, so we just wanted to focus on school spirit and getting students excited about the competition,” said Mrs. Deirdre Filippi, who co-advises the Varsity Club along with Mr. Jesse Rosen. “The event was a huge success and is something that we look forward to continuing in the future.”