Students Embrace the Sounds of the Beo String Quartet

Students Embrace the Sounds of the Beo String Quartet thumbnail138218
Middle School students had an opportunity to become a part of an engaging musical performance when the Three Village Chamber Players, featuring the Beo String Quartet, visited for a special event. Performing a number of classical pieces for students in grades 6-8, the students were encouraged to join in on the creative and collaborative production with musicians Ryan Ash, Aviva Hakanoglu, Jason Neukom and Sean Neukom, who crafted the entertaining works to connect and inspire the students. “We are so grateful for these musicians to share their time and talents with our young students,” orchestra teacher Dr. Vanessa Salzman said. “They not only treated us to a wonderful performance, but engaged and energized the audience to become active participants and listeners within the chamber music experience." The Three Village Chamber Players have been an integral part of the music education experience in Port Jefferson, dedicating their time and sharing their music with students for the past several years. “We look forward to a continued partnership with them,” added Dr. Salzman.