An Expedition to Ancient Lands

An Expedition to Ancient Lands photo thumbnail121196
Sixth graders took a colorful, exciting trip to Greece and they never even left the building. With social studies teacher Melissa Corey guiding them, and as a supplement to their classroom lessons, the students had an opportunity to work with Google Expeditions Virtual Reality. The simulated environment had them playing a bit of I SPY as they explored the art, architecture, and historical landmarks of the ancient city of Athens and the Parthenon, the Aegean Sea and the island of Santorini. Helping to bring the history to life was BOCES integration specialist Claudia Camassa, whom teachers worked with to learn how to navigate and guide their students with this immersive technology. This was the first time they worked with Google Expeditions in the middle/high school library and experienced what student Sean Wilson described as “incredible detail and color.”