Environmental Responsibility at Port Jefferson Middle School

Environmental Responsibility at Port Jefferson Middle School  thumbnail120566
Sixth-graders engaged in conversations about pollution, green roofs and stormwater management when they were visited by a representative of the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County.

The students in Janelle Bellotti’s science classes worked with Mark Cappellino, a marine youth educator from the county’s Stormwater Management Program and planted sedum on the school’s green roof. They learned that sedum is a succulent that can live in dry places with hot or cold conditions. Mr. Cappellino also taught them that green roofs help filter water and make buildings more energy efficient.

“They all felt a great sense of environmental responsibility in replenishing our plants and helping to clean up the garden,” Ms. Bellotti said, adding her gratitude to Mr. Cappellino, Suffolk County and Cornell University for providing the plants. “It really was an amazing experience.”