Students Represent Broadcasting Class at BASH

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Students in the high school’s broadcasting course were invited to attend Stony Brook University’s BASH (Broadcast Awards for Senior High). The students – Lea Desmond, Nathan DiGregorio, Dylan Dugourd, Cole Fortier, Peyton Ginas, Shane Hartig, Emily Hearney, Faye Held, Jacqueline Poten, Mattea Rabeno, Liam Sproul and Gabe Zoda – represented the school in various categories from best community news, entertainment, anchor teams, and overall broadcast, among others. They were subsequently honored for their participation at a recent Board of Education meeting, where high school assistant principal Kevin Bernier introduced them and the success of the program this year. The collaborative class with technology teacher Brian Chalmers and English teacher Michael Augello was lauded for its growth and evolution throughout the year.