Math Educators Honored by BOE

The mid-March Board of Education meeting, which took place right before the internationally recognized Pi Day (March 14), was an opportune time for Port Jefferson math educators to be recognized.

Port Jefferson Middle School Principal Dr. Robert Neidig commended the work of teachers Melissa Corey, Matthew Garofola, Megan Ryan and Jamie Veraldi for their tireless and innovative efforts in teaching students about the complex mathematical world around them and help to meet the challenges with success.

“These four educators have devoted their lives to helping students come to the realization that not only can they can do math, but they can do it well,” Dr. Neidig said as he and the Board thanked and congratulated them for their efforts in forwarding the goals of the middle school math program.

The district extends a thank you to all the math teachers for continuing to help students achieve through classroom studies and problem-solving as well as challenging them to compete in regional competitions.