Port Jefferson Students Learn To Be Upstanders

Port Jefferson Students Learn To Be Upstanders photo
With a powerful message to be upstanders and not bystanders, Port Jefferson middle school and high school students took part in Sandy Hook Promise’s national Call-to-Action Week.

Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon Jr. and two deputy sheriffs visited the school for “Say Something,” two assemblies that provided students with information on how they can help the school and community by being aware of warning signs and threats, especially in social media, of individuals who may intend harm to themselves or others and to say something to a trusted adult to get help.

With actual quotes taken from social media accounts and video reenactments of possible tragedies, the students learned some key skills to prevent them. They then joined together to read aloud a pledge projected on the screen to help create healthier schools, homes and communities.

Deputy Sheriff Brian Butler addressed the high school students and Deputy Sherriff Keith Hoffman addressed the middle school students and both reiterated the fact that each student has more power to prevent life-threatening incidents than either of them do, as many people learn about threats via social media.

“We definitely learned that we have the power to help,” said sixth-grader Braden Snow.

The two assemblies were followed by question-and-answer sessions, an additional way to engage the students with the importance of law enforcement.

“This impressive assembly empowered students and reminded them of the important role they have when it comes to school safety,” Port Jefferson Middle School Principal Dr. Robert Neidig said.