Great Job!


The Middle School Science Olympiad team placed third at the Suffolk County Regional Division B Science Olympiad Competition. This success qualifies the team to compete at the New York State level, which will take place in early April at East Syracuse Minoa High School in Syracuse, NY.

Students from grades 6-9 competed against 35 teams in events which tested their skills in earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and scientific problem-solving. Coached by Middle School science teacher Adam Bouchard, the team received medals in 20 of 22 events.
“The hours of hard work, commitment and enthusiasm that these students demonstrate exemplifies their knowledge of inquiry-based learning,” Port Jefferson Middle School Principal Dr. Robert Neidig said. “As a coach and a teacher, Mr. Bouchard continues to motivate his students to develop the skills to think like scientists and gain a natural curiosity into scientific perspectives.”

Congratulations to all the Medal Winners!

First Place, Elastic Launched Glider - Andrew Patterson and Stefano Rabeno
First Place, Fossils - Alana Samara and Andrew Patterson
Second Place, Circuit Lab - Michael Melikyan and Max Paulus
Second Place, Meteorology - Ben Perez-Flesler and Jonah Pflaster
Second Place, Science Quiz Bowl - Hugo Onghai, Andrew Patterson and William Wu
Fourth Place, Elastic Launched Glider - Pratham Sethia and Ryan Gameng
Fourth Place, Game On - Hugo Onghai and William Wu
Fourth Place, Potions and Poisons - Hugo Onghai and Kasumi Layne-Stasik
Fifth Place, Dynamic Planet - William Wu and Riley Perrotta
Fifth Place, Herpetology - Andrew Patterson and Kasumi Layne-Stasik
Fifth Place, Roller Coaster - Teppei Fukuto and Riley Perrotta
Fifth Place, Write It Do It - Pratham Sethia and Nicholas Smirnov
Sixth Place, Anatomy - William Wu and Ben Perez-Flesler
Sixth Place, Crime Busters - Alana Samara and Michelle Wu
Seventh Place, Disease Detectives - Hugo Onghai and Andrew Patterson
Eighth Place, Battery Buggy - Michael Melikyan and Max Paulus
Eighth Place, Circuit Lab - Ryan Gameng and Eric Chen
Eighth Place, Density Lab - Teppei Fukuto and Stefan Rabeno
Eighth Place, Heredity - Ben Perez-Flesler and Kasumi Layne-Stasik
Sixth Place, Water Quality - Alana Samara and Michelle Wu