We need the community’s assistance in identifying Port Jefferson School District staff and students who served in the armed forces so that they can be recognized by name on a brick in their honor. The bricks will be used to create our Royal Court of Courage and our Path of Honor.

The Royal Court of Courage will be created by bricks with the names of PJSD students and staff who have or are currently serving in the Armed Forces.

The Path of Honor will be created by bricks for anyone else who wants to show support or pay tribute to someone not on the Royal Court of Courage. For example, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Casciano has purchased a brick that will read “The Casciano Family” and another brick that will honor his father who served in WW II but was not a part of the school district. Both bricks will be placed on the Path of Honor.

If you have questions, please email Dr. Casciano at pcascian@portjeffschools.org or Kathy Hanley at khanley@portjeffschools.org