Dash’s Lego Challenge

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To coincide with the robotics and computer programming unit and new STEAM program in the Edna Louise Spear Elementary School library, fourth- and fifth-graders were presented with a challenge: to create and build a structure with Legos that represented a book.

The students realized that it wasn’t going to be so easy.

Their engineering skills came into play when they built the structure, mounted it on the Dash robot’s head, then coded it with movement, sound and lights, while being sure the structure stayed attached the entire time. The coding had to relate to the structure and the book (for example a car book had to have sounds and movement related to automobiles). After the students completed their assignment, they presented their structure and coding to the class.

“I was thrilled with their work ethic and enthusiasm for the challenge,” school librarian Selinda Stout said. “They used their imagination and their coding skills to present such cool, animated robots! I am so proud of my students.”