100th Victory for Rick D’Elia

To be a wrestler takes a different level of dedication. Early morning runs, balancing a social life in order to train, staying in shape and competing are just a few things that Port Jefferson senior Rick D’Elia has done every winter since he began wrestling for Port Jefferson as a seventh-grader. The dedication, discipline and desire he demonstrates each day are helping him reach his goal of being the best he can be.

All of this hard work has paid off for Rick as he is a three-time Suffolk County finalist, two-time Suffolk County champion and one of only 13 wrestlers in the history of Port Jefferson to win more than 100 matches.

“Winning 100 matches is an awesome achievement,” coach Mike Maletta said. “It takes consistency. In wresting, as in life, you must show up and compete every day. Rick has done that at such a high level for the past four years.”

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