Heading to State Competitions!


Congratulations to the Earl L. Vandermeulen High School Science Olympiad team for placing fourth out of 52 teams who competed at the Eastern Long Island Regional Science Olympiad, recently held at Ward Melville High School. Their ranking allows them to compete against the best teams across New York State on March 15 and 16 at Le Moyne College in Syracuse.

The students competed in categories including genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology in active, hands-on group participation – a required skill in their future scientific careers.

Coached by advisers and science teachers Amanda Brideson and Adam Bouchard, the students cross-trained for a variety of events in their skill set and have practiced and prepared for months for the competition.
Congratulations to our medal winners:

1st place – David Rotunno and Peggy Yin for Sound of Music
2nd place – Aaron Held and Grant Samara for Fossils
3rd place – Chloe Andriani and Peggy Yin for Designer Genes
4th place – Sinan Ates and Peggy Yin for Anatomy and Physiology
4th place – Aaron Held and Kyle Onghai for Circuit Lab
5th place – Sinan Ates and Liam Gameng for Chemistry Lab
5th place – Gavin Barrett and Eadan McSweeney for Forensics
5th place – Chloe Andriani, Sinan Ates and Kyle Onghai for Protein Modeling
5th place – Sinan Ates and Eadan McSweeney for Thermodynamics
5th place –Reid Biondo and Aaron Held for Watery Quality
7th place – Liam Gameng and David Rotunno for Geological Mapping
8th place – Gani Ates and Liam Gameng for Astronomy
8th place – Grant Samara for Mission Possible
9th place – Grant Samara and Gil Zaltsman for Disease Detectives