Masters of Math

Masters of Math photo
Students in Port Jefferson Middle School math teacher Matt Garofola’s Algebra 1 class have been involved in the Mathematical Association of America’s American Mathematics 8 Competition for close to a decade. With no formal preparation for the test, just some sample questions provided by Garofola, students applied classroom skills to unique mathematical challenges in a 25 question, multiple choice format. The exam helps to promote the development of problem-solving skills and an enjoyment and lifelong appreciation for the study of mathematics.

“I have seen more and more students embrace this challenge each year,” Mr. Garofola said. “Many of the students are eager to participate and challenge themselves to not only become our school and/or class champion, but to continue on in their studies of mathematical concepts and confidence in analytical thinking.”

The Port Jefferson Middle School is proud of its school participants and congratulates seventh-grader Michael Melikyan for correctly solving 14 out of the 25 questions and eighth-grader Teppei Fukuto for correctly answering 13 out of 25.