Honored for Vision of Success

Honored for Vision of Success photo
Port Jefferson School District Special Education teachers Gina Fedler, Michelle Landetta and Christina Marino were recognized by Director of Special Education Dr. Jodi Cahill at a recent Board of Education meeting for their role in the development and enhancement of the 8:1:1 program (eight students, one teacher one teaching assistant) for middle school and high school students. Dr. Cahill mentioned their tireless work as well as their compassion, patience, skills and vision of success for the students as they prepare to become indepenedent members of the community as adults.

Dr. Cahill then presented an overview of the district’s secondary 8:1:1 special education program, which highlighted the evolution of the program that meets the specific needs of students who are New York State Alternately Assessed and are working towards a Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential. Both middle school and high school students are now taught in one larger, organized classroom space that is physically accessible for all students.