Students Embrace Chamber Music

Students Embrace Chamber Music photo
In a continued partnership with Stony Brook University’s Staller Center for the Arts, Port Jefferson music students had the opportunity to experience world-class musicians when they attended a performance of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra recently. Accompanied by Edna Louise Spear Elementary School orchestra teacher Dr. Vanessa Salzman and Earl L. Vandermeulen High School choral teacher Maria Diaz, the close-to-home collaboration engages students with innovative performances, as this concert highlighted two artists who brought a transformation to their time-honored instruments: Latvia’s Ksenija Sidorova on the accordion and Israel’s Avi Avital on the mandolin.

Arranged by Dr. Salzman and Paul Newland, outreach coordinator at Stony Brook University, Port Jefferson orchestra students and their families are invited to attend concerts each year at the university. Tickets are provided courtesy of Staller Center Outreach Endowment.