Information and entertainment from ‘The Morning Show’

Information and entertainment from ‘The Morning Show’ photo
A new collaboration at the high school has students excited to get to the classroom to start the day’s work – producing “The Morning Show,” a joint effort between the technology and English departments.

According to English teacher Michael Augello, the initial goal was to produce a show that both informs and entertains. Each show allows collaboration and creative input from the student anchors and a spot interview that highlights teachers, students, teams, programs, events and other things going on in the school and community.

On the technical side, students are learning from technology teacher Brian Chalmers how to shoot and edit their own stories, which includes setting up a shot with proper lighting, arranging and connecting microphones, framing the subject within the shot and editing during post-production. They also learn how to manage and operate cameras, the control room, the teleprompter and other equipment necessary in producing the show.

With Mr. Augello, the students learn how to find and create stories and determine not only how the story affects their audience, but how best to engage their audience in telling the story. During interviews, students must frame their questions in an order that makes sense and in a way that gives their subject room to discuss and explain – a real flowing, conversational interview, not just simple yes or no answers. Being an anchor is a great educational challenge for the students by developing and enhancing their organizational and public speaking skills. They are responsible for writing the script and developing transitions between segments all while speaking clearly and conversationally toward the camera.

The first successful air date was early October and the students work to produce each program just one day in advance. It is broadcast throughout the building during homeroom so everyone has a chance to stay involved in the happenings of Earl L. Vandermeulen High School.