The Port Jefferson School District’s Board of Education has voted to move forward with an appeal of New York State Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Emerson’s decision to dismiss the district’s third-party litigation against LIPA. This suit was brought to enforce a promise given by LIPA not to reduce our tax revenue while also giving us a voice in a matter that has a significant impact on the school district. The decision against the district removed our right to have a voice in the negotiations.

Please be assured that the district’s decision to begin the appeal process was made after considerable deliberation. Weighing all options and past efforts, the Board unanimously decided that it was incumbent upon the district to continue to fight to have a voice in this matter to ensure that the voices of Port Jefferson residents were properly heard.

The district will work to finalize its appeal over the next six months, after which LIPA will be afforded a chance to prepare counterarguments. According to our legal team, this process could take more than a year to complete. The Board does have the option of withdrawing from the appeal process if they so choose.