Summer 2018

As we end another academic year in the Port Jefferson School District, we are proud and pleased of the many successes of our students, teachers and events happening in our schools. The 89 young men and women of the Class of 2018 epitomize the excellence and success we expect of our students, who represent all that is good about Port Jefferson.

As our graduates move on to new challenges and exciting opportunities, we continue in our efforts to keep our district a safe, nurturing, top-notch educational environment for all.

This year, our Board of Education and administrators have been progressive and steadfast in working together, taking bold steps to strengthen current security practices throughout all district buildings. We have completed numerous security improvements, commencing with a complete audit by the Suffolk County Police Department Homeland Security Section. We have been proactive with measures that allow staff and students to practice more complex safety drills, have placed additional security personnel in each building and have expanded our visitor management system at the elementary school.

As approved by the members of the community, our 2018-19 budget includes infrastructure investments such as installing vestibules in each building to screen all who enter the facilities and relocating the middle school main office to the front of the stairwell on the second floor.

Other improvements include a school emergency notification system project with the Suffolk County Police Department, which automatically bypasses normal communication channels and immediately dials the 911 center supervisor. Additional initiatives are being developed in cooperation with the SCPD to generate necessary and potentially lifesaving measures in our district buildings. Staff members will meet throughout the year to ensure preparedness and diligence in emergency events.

In early spring, the New York State Senate passed a comprehensive school safety plan to improve school security throughout the state and protect students, teachers and administrators. The Port Jefferson School District will continue to champion the cause for safety, security and mental health support and advocate for funding for additional security technologies and equipment with our state representatives.

Our commitment to the enhancement of the safety and security of all who enter our school buildings goes hand in hand with our goal to continue to teach students who are as bright, confident, cultured and educated as the Class of 2018.

Paul Casciano, Ed.D.