Fifty-two students honored with Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Fifty-two students honored with Presidential Volunteer Service Award photo
Fifty-two students were honored with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Coordinated by Port Jefferson resident Jackie Hull, the recognition is given to each student for their active volunteer service of between 50 and 100 hours in the community. They were presented with a certificate at a ceremony attended by members of the Board of Education, school community and families for their sustained commitment to civic participation throughout the year.

The district has participated in the PVSA since 2010 when it started with one student earning the award. This year’s honorees were recognized with a combined total of more than 7,300 volunteer hours for the 2017-18 school year.

“These same students typically are very involved in school as well at the community and participate in honors classes, music programs and sports,” said Hull. “The fact that they take time out of their very busy days to help others in [the] community should be commended. I’m glad to have the PVSA to show our appreciation for all their hard work.”

The students are: Chloe Andriani, Aiden Barrett, Ella Kate Barrett, Lexi Becker, Jessica Boswell, Emma Byrne, Giancarlo Caltagirone, Sam Caltagirone, Conor Daily, Kayla Daily, Carley Davidson, Lia Desmond, Lucy DeWitt, Dylan Dugourd, Kayla Fox, Atticus Furjanic, Emily Hearney, Hailey Hearney, Sarah Hull, Grace Keegan, Joshua Kelson, Ameen Khan, Jedd Kronberg, Beverly Ann Maier, Emmett Maier, Aidan Malinowski, Colin Malinowski, Ryan Parmegiani, Skylar Pine, Fiona Reichers, Jack Reilly, David Rotunno, Sarah Ruggiero, Lily Russell, Chloe Savino, Mia Savino, Brianna Scarda, Andrew Scott, Christine Scott, Pratham Sethia, Rishabh Pratap Singh, Rohan Pratap Singh, Camryn Spiller, Jillian Sullivan, Luigia Than, Pina Than, Ava Timpanaro, Kayla Timpanaro, Annalisa Welinder, Lucas Welinder, Peggy Yin and Brooke Zamek.