A celebration of mathematical accomplishments

A celebration of mathematical accomplishments photo

Students from the high school and middle school have acquired numerous awards through Suffolk County Math Teachers Association contests.

Accomplishments this year in which students earned awards include a one-hour math contest, administered by Middle School Principal Dr. Robert Neidig. Congratulations to the following Suffolk County Math Teachers’ Association contest winners:

Sixth-grader Eric Chen: First place in PJMS, first place in Suffolk County.
Seventh-grader Michael Melikyan: First place in PJMS, first place in Suffolk County.
Algebra: Eighth-graders Arik Sen and Stefano Rabeno – first place in PJMS.
Geometry: 10th-grader Julia Hennessy – first place in ELVHS.
Algebra 2: Ninth-grader Grant Samara – first place in ELVHS, third place in Suffolk County.
Algebra 2: Eighth-grader William Wu – second place in ELVHS, fourth place in Suffolk County.
Pre-Calculus: Ninth-grader Peggy Yin – first place in ELVHS.
Pre-Calculus: 11th-grader Ryan Kim – second place in ELVHS.
Calculus: 11th-grader Joseph Cangemi and ninth-grader Sinan Ates – first place in ELVHS.
Calculus Plus: 11th-grader Annalisa Welinder – first place in ELVHS.

The American Mathematics Competition, a national exam, tests problem-solving skills and mathematical knowledge in students. The 75-minute exam was held after school and administered by high school math teacher Dennis Christofor. Congratulations to:
AMC 10:
First Place – Grant Samara, ninth grade.
Second Place – Sinan Ates, ninth grade.
Third Place – Hugo Onghai, eighth grade.

AMC 12:
First Place – Annalisa Welinder, 11th grade.
Second Place – Luigia Than, 12th grade.
Third Place – Eli Doyle, 12th grade.

The Port Jefferson School District is proud to recognize the accomplishments of these students in working to strengthen their mathematical capabilities.