The School District is deeply troubled by the announcement issued by the Town of Brookhaven at its State of the Town speech today concerning the “agreement in principle” the Town has reached with LIPA regarding the assessment of the Port Jefferson Power Plant.
The Town of Brookhaven has swiftly and unilaterally made this decision without any input from the School District and in complete disregard of the impact that its decision will have on the School District, its educational operations, staff, students, taxpayers and community.  This decision does not take into account the promise that LIPA and the State made when LIPA took over LILCO to never to seek a reduction in the taxes it paid.
While the Town may be the “first” of the affected municipalities to reach settlement as reported today, we do not believe that this should be regarded as a victory. This decision will imminently place the School District in harm’s way.
When the terms are finally revealed to the School District, the School District will consider all available options to protect the School District, its students and taxpayers.