Simons Research Program fellowship for David Rotunno

Simons Research Program fellowship for David Rotunno photo
With an interest in machine learning and equipped with letters of recommendation from teachers Dennis Christofor, Kyle Dunlop and nominated by science teacher Michel Krivosta, high school junior David Rotunno will spend his summer at the prestigious Simons Research Fellowship Program.
The program, housed at Stony Brook University for 6.5 weeks from June through August, is a prestigious honor for some of the best science students from all over the country.

Rotunno will work in the Department of Computer Science with Dr. Minh Nguyen, whose interests are in computer vision, machine learning and time series analysis, and Dr. Roy Shilkrot whose research focus is in human computer interaction, computer graphics and computer vision and augmented reality.

“I’ve worked hard and am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to work alongside such brilliant computer scientists,” said David, who would like to study applied mathematics and computer science in college.