Encouraging kindness at the middle school

Encouraging kindness at the middle school photo thumbnail89563
Thoughtfulness and understanding were at the forefront of the recent middle school Random Acts of Kindness initiative. Along with teacher Monica Consalvo, students decorated the school bulletin boards to display the message, “Be SOMEBODY who makes EVERYBODY feel like a SOMEBODY.” There were also quotations about being kind and festive student-designed heart posters.

One day was designated Smile Day, when student volunteers handed out “smile stickers” to each student as they entered school. The event was to promote the idea that “today is going to be a great day – SMILE.”

Students extended their compassion into the community by collecting toiletries that were distributed to the Welcome Friends of Greater Port Jefferson, a community organization that provides meals for people in need.

“Although small, these endeavors helped to show students that through the power of one, we can make a difference in the lives of others,” Consalvo said.