Middle School mindfulness presentation to BOE

Middle School mindfulness presentation to BOE photo
Sixth-grade students participated in a mindfulness pilot program this past fall and three students had the opportunity to share some of the skills they learned at a recent Board of Education meeting.

Middle school Principal Dr. Robert Neidig and English teacher Alison Giannusa, who was instrumental in the success of the program, presented on the feedback from students and staff. They were followed by students Kiersten Parmegiani, Noelle Eckart and Alexa Eichinger, who instructed the Board members, school administrators and community members in attendance in a cooling breath and the half sun salutation, two of the many strategies they learned in the eight-week program. Their calming voices and guidance were well received by all who took part in the exercises.

The forward-thinking approach to the middle school’s focus on character-building skills in students was a collaboration with the district and Diane MacDonald, a holistic educator and the founder of Port Jefferson-based It Takes a Village.

The program’s strategies helped participants to recognize symptoms of anger, stress, anxiety and frustration and how to alleviate reactive behaviors to them. It also helped to cultivate self-esteem, confidence and an awareness of their emotional health and well-being.