Cooking Club serves up food for thought

Cooking Club serves up food for thought photo
The district’s Cooking Club held a Gingerbread Holiday contest in the library at Earl L. Vandermeulen High School, where dozens of Middle School and High School students created their festive, sugary masterpieces.

With piped royal icing, pretzels and candies, the high-spirited event was an occasion that allowed student participants to work together with their peers.

Coordinated by school social worker Kristin Britt and speech pathologist Stacia Schoen, the focus of the club is social learning, which includes good communication, flexible thinking, teamwork and cooperation.

According to Britt, the club gives students an opportunity to interact with one another, giving them an active voice within their peer groups to become healthier and happier by taking the time to work together and share a meal.

“I enjoy being a part of the club,” said seventh-grader Grace Chambers. “They come up with fun ideas and then let us choose what we want to create. We all get a chance to socialize and meet new friends too.”

The Cooking Club is funded by the Royal Educational Foundation of Port Jefferson, which works to strengthen community participation in school programs and provide funds for projects to help assure educational excellence for all students in the Port Jefferson School District.