Elementary School recognizes ‘Star Students’

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Five students from the elementary Sschool were named “Star Students” by librarian Selinda Stout to promote the importance of literacy. The school’s version of the American Library Association Celebrity READ Campaign takes place several times per year.

The students were chosen for their excellent attitude, behavior and work ethic in the library. To recognize their achievement, their photos are displayed on the bulletin board outside of the library along with a summary of their favorite book. A printed version of each child’s poster is also sent home for their families to enjoy.

“When students experience the pleasures of independent reading, it encourages them to become lifelong learners,” said Stout.

Star students are Dean Zaltsman – grade 1, Nina Gnatenko – grade 2, Jack Krause – grade 3, Lillianna Swift – grade 4 and Christopher Lotten – grade 5.