Elementary students write and illustrate Realistic Fiction

Elementary students write and illustrate Realistic Fiction pic thumbnail85405
As part of their English language arts curriculum, students in Carleen Parmegiani’s second-grade class at Edna Louise Spear Elementary School in the Port Jefferson School District have written and illustrated Realistic Fiction books. They have been learning about the genre, in which stories may resemble real-life occurrences and fictional characters may act or react similarly to actual people.

To celebrate their published pieces, they hosted a Holiday Book Shop to read and answer questions about their writing process. As guests stopped by their desks, they fluently read their stories and followed up by asking two questions such as – “how did you like my book?” or “what was your favorite part?” – to help them with feedback on their work. They also shared their creative process including why they chose a character’s name or if they mirrored their setting or plots on real-life events.
Student Nina Gnatenko used some exceptional language in her story including “mechanic,” “unsure,” “excitedly” and “demanded,” words she learned by listening closely to conversations as research for her story.

Family members were encouraged to attend the Holiday Book Shop where each student had 10 copies of their books printed that could be “purchased” for holiday gift giving with coupons presented to the guests.