Inquisitive minds with an ‘Hour of Code’

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Edna Louise Spear Elementary School students took part in the national Computer Science Education Week’s “Hour of Code,” an initiative to encourage them to spend one hour to learn to program with an ultimate goal of wanting to learn more advanced coding.

Students in Kim Pelkonen’s fourth-grade class were introduced to Flappy Bird, a simple, popular game in which the user controls the bird through narrow passageways without hitting the pipes on the screen.

They used their Chromebooks to access the educational site Khan Academy, which uses detailed, step-by-step instructional videos to teach code. According to Pelkonen, the program makes it possible for advanced students to move ahead and manages to assist others by filling in the gaps if they missed any concepts.

“They really enjoyed it,” said Pelkonen. “The game was a fun introduction and got them excited. Many students asked me to assign a new project so that they could try it at home.”