Celebrating differences

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Port Jefferson Middle School students learned to embrace and celebrate their individual differences during an assembly-featuring speaker Dylan Brady on May 19.

During the assembly, Dylan performed original music and explained that while he has Tourette syndrome, he is an accomplished athlete, singer, attends college and teaches acceptance and tolerance about Tourette syndrome.

Dylan’s message resonated with many of the students and they spoke about Dylan’s performance after the assembly.

“This presentation gave me a lot of knowledge about Tourette syndrome. It’s amazing how it doesn’t impact Dylan while he is performing,” said seventh-grader Kate Sommerstad.

“I learned, from Dylan, that we can all do what we love, no matter what setbacks we may face,” said sixth-grader Amy Whitman.

Seventh-grader Michael Scannell agreed with his classmates and said, “I learned, that although Dylan struggled in high school, he was able to find his passion and become successful.”

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