Mathematicians honored

Mathematicians honored Pic 1

On May 9, the Port Jefferson Board of Education recognized Earl L. Vandermeulen High School and Port Jefferson Middle School students for their participation in various math contests and events, including the Suffolk County Math Teacher’s Association Contest, the AMC-American Math Competition and the high school Mathletes League.

The Port Jefferson School District extends its congratulations to the following students:

Suffolk County Math Contest

6th grade, Level E

Sooah Kwak, PJMS high scorer, and 3rd in Suffolk County

Teppei Fukuto 4th in Suffolk County

7th grade Level J

David Lawler, PJMS high scorer, and 5th in Suffolk County

8th grade Level I Algebra

Liam Gameng PJMS high scorer

9th grade Level 2 Geometry

Christine Iasso, PJHS high scorer, and 4th in Suffolk County

10th grade Level 3 Algebra2

Peggy Yin PJHS high scorer

11th grade Level 4 Pre-calculus

Eli Doyle, PJHS high scorer, and 3rd in Suffolk County

12th grade Level C Calculus

Annalisa Welinder PJHS high scorer


AMC-American Math Competition

Grant Samara and Lucas Welinder, PJMS winners for AMC 8

Annalisa Welinder and Eli Doyle, PJHS winners for AMC 10 & 12

High School Mathletes League

Annalisa Welinder earned high scorer in Suffolk County by competing in five meets and answering 22 out of 30 problems correct. She placed 13th out of the nearly 800 students that participate in the league across Suffolk County.