Mock Book Election

To teach students about the presidential voting process, the elementary school held a mock election where the Animal Party went head-to-head with the People Party.

Prior to a Nov. 8 election, students participated in a primary vote where they nominated a presidential and vice presidential candidate from each party based off books that they checked out between Oct. 27 and Nov. 2. Candidates included Fancy Nancy, Bad Kitty, Fly Guy, Junie B. Jones, Harry Potter, Pigeon, Captain Underpants and Aslan from “Chronicles of Narnia.”

Winning the primary were Pigeon and Aslan for the Animal Party and Harry Potter and Captain Underpants for the People Party.

On Election Day, students cast their ballots for their favorite book characters, and elected Pigeon and Aslan.

“Students really enjoyed learning about the election process through book characters,” said librarian Selinda Moore, who spearheaded the lesson.