Dear Port Jefferson Community,

As part of a proactive effort to safeguard students and staff, the Port Jefferson School District’s Board of Education and administration contracted with Environscience, an environmental consulting and testing firm, to collect and test water samples for lead.

Following Environmental Protection Agency protocols, water samples from 126 drinking water sources were collected on June 29 using a first draw method. First draw includes gathering samples without letting the water run prior to testing.

While the EPA recommends remediation of samples that exceed 20 ppb, the districted opted to use a more stringent guideline of 15 ppb. Nine samples that demonstrated a concentration of lead in excess of 15 ppb went through two additional testing processes. For these tests, samples were gathered after water was run for both 15 seconds and 60 seconds.

The results of the second and third water tests indicated decreased levels of lead; however, all sites that tested above 15 ppb were immediately disconnected and remediation plans drawn up.

Under the remediation plan faucet on the lab tables in middle school rooms A206 and A102 and high school room 405 will be replaced. A middle school water fountain near room A111 and another in the high school’s wood shop will be replaced with new drinking fountains that meet the EPA standard for lead free products.   Additionally, a third-floor high school faculty bathroom sink faucet will be replaced.

Already, the district has removed a spigot in the high school boys’ team coaches’ bathroom due to non-use over the past decade.  The district also replaced faucets attached to the middle school kitchen hand wash station and high school boys’ team coach’s bathroom. These faucets will be retested for lead.

The health and safety of our students and staff remain a top priority.  If you wish to review the complete report, please contact the superintendent’s office.

Dr. Paul Casciano
Superintendent of Schools