Standing Room Only

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After reading that there are numerous benefits to providing students with an option to stand while learning, Port Jefferson Middle School sixth-grade special education teacher Christina Carlson decided to transform her classroom with standing desks.

“I work with some students with ADHD/ADD, and sitting for long periods of time can become a struggle for them,” said Carlson. “A number of articles that I read pointed out that standing desks can help.”

To outfit her classroom, Carlson procured a $1,000 grant from the Royal Education Foundation to purchase two standing desks that can be converted into sitting desks.

Already, Carlson has seen an improvement among her students. “The desks are helping some of my students remain focused in class,” she said.

Seeing the positive benefits of the standing desks, the district is in the process of exploring the possibility of using them in general education classrooms next school year.