At a special meeting on November 24, the Port Jefferson UFSD Board of Education voted  to join a breach of contract lawsuit filed by the Northport-East Northport UFSD against LIPA (Long Island Power Authority). This lawsuit is a challenge to LIPA’s attempt to reduce the tax assessment on the National Grid power plant located in that community. Our district has joined that effort, as we agree that LIPA’s attempt to break a promise not to challenge taxes on the power plants violates the formal and informal guarantees made to the school districts (including ours), which could cause significant financial harm.

Recent state appellate court decisions have ruled that the case could move forward. John Gross, the attorney for the school districts of both Northport-East Northport and Port Jefferson, has said that that this was a favorable decision in the legal effort to prevent LIPA from reneging on its financial commitments. The Port Jefferson UFSD Board of Education believes our decision to join this lawsuit is a necessary step to protect the resources of our school district and the the financial stability of our taxpayers.